RealtyWare is fully cloud-based and accessible from anywhere and from any device. The only thing you need is a smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop computer with a modern browser. Creating an account literally just takes a few minutes and you can start working immediately.

Easy to Use

RealtyWare is very easy to use, anyone who knows how to use a device with a browser can start working immediately. Everything has been designed for touch devices, while still maintaining usability and precision for keyboard and mouse equipped computers.

Responsive Website

RealtyWare includes a modern, mobile-first, responsive website. Customized with your branding, colors, properties and content, it provides all the bells and whistles, like support for multiple languages and currencies, social network integration and map search. It comes pre-translated in many languages and the full integration with the other components provides easy listing updates and lead capturing.

Sales & Rentals

Manage and offer any kind of listing:
Sales, long-term rentals and holiday rentals.

For rentals, RealtyWare includes flexible prices, with supplement and discount rules, calendars for each property, a booking manager and planner, a channel manager, and registration of all guests with their personal details.


RealtyWare seamlessly integrates specialized real estate Customer Relationship Management, with rich contact details, emails, documents, notes, history, activities, and more, in one easy to use place. Contacts, including owners, prospects, buyers and tenants, are linked automatically to their respective properties. Organize similar contacts into groups to deliver targeted communications.

Sales Process & Email Management

RealtyWare's unique and fully integrated approach to manage emails, sales processes and opportunities provides a central place to track all interactions with customers. Automatic management and a global view of all tasks makes sure no business opportunity is lost and no customer is left unattended.


RealtyWare supports multiple languages and over 30 currencies with automatic updates and conversions for everything: The app, your websites, all listings, reports, templates, etc. Furthermore, everything is automatically formatted and converted, so a customer from the US will get everything in English, US$ and customary units, while a customer form Germany will get everything in German, euros and metric units.

Legal Compliance

RealtyWare provides you all the tools to comply with any legal requirements easily, including full registration of all customers, reports for authorities and cookie notification on your website.

All data is transmitted securely (encrypted via TLS/SSL) and stored in secure and certified data centers.

Exchange Properties

With RealtyWare you can easily exchange properties with other agents, MLS networks and portals via feeds or direct integration. You can choose which listings are shared with whom, and you have complete read-only access to all imported listings.

Expertise & Support

Our strength comes from our expertise. Over 20 years of experience with real estate software, websites and and infrastructure make us specialists that can build and support almost anything.

Everything we offer and do is backed by our dedicated team. Our promise to you is simply this: We won't let you down.